N8tive Vote 2018 Rez to Rez Tour Kicks Off October 27th

Tour to State’s 29 Tribal Reservations in 10 Days Aims to Increase Native Voter Turnout

On Saturday, October 27thtribal members and leaders will embark on a 10-day tour to visit all 29 of Washington’s Tribes to encourage Natives to vote in the November 6thelection.

“The Puyallup Tribe is proud to sponsor the N8tive Vote 18 Rez to Rez tour. Now is the time to stand up and use your voice so get out and vote! The most important thing you can do this year is exercise your power and VOTE,” said Puyallup Tribe Chairman Bill Sterud.

According to the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), nationwide, 34% of eligible Native voters are not registered to vote. The turnout rate of American Indian and Alaska Native registered voters is also very low, being historically 5 to 14 percentage points lower than the rate of many other racial and ethnic groups. The N8tive Vote 2018 Rez to Rez tour hopes to change that by going directly to Native voters and encouraging them to vote.

While encouraging Native voter turnout, the N8tive Vote 2018 Rez to Rez tour will also be sharing information about initiatives 1631 (Carbon Emissions Fee Measure) and 940 (Deescalate Washington).

“This is a historical election year for Washington natives with both I-1631 and I-940 involving Native peoples and communities at their core,” said Quinault President Fawn Sharp. “As Natives, we have power… the power of our voice, the power of our unity and strength, and the power of our vote. We encourage all Natives to exercise that power by voting in this year’s election.”

“Voting yes on I-940 and yes on I-1631 will make a difference for Native people and the communities we live in,” said Sterud. “Your vote will make a difference. Use your voice: Vote on November 6th.”

Please email firstamericanproject@gmail.com for more information.


Event details for each location can be found our the N8tive Vote 2018 Facebook page.

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